Paper Food Disposables

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Single Walled Paper Cup

Price: 0.40 - 5.20 INR/Piece

Suitable for any kind of beverage, paper cups come with dome lids, flat lids, and nozzle lids. They have various capacities and are most typically found in coffee and tea shops.

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Disposable Paper Plates

Price: 2.50 - 8.00 INR/Piece

Paper plates are available in a variety of sizes and can simply be customized. Composed of virgin brown paper and virgin white paper, they are used in small eateries, events, and for food delivery.

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Disposable Paper Food Container

Price: 2.50 - 8.50 INR/Piece

Paper food containers are the most prevalent in the food delivery sector and are offered in various capacities. Available both with lid and without lid, they can easily hold products like salads, pasta, gravies, etc.

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Disposable Paper Lunch Box

Price: 7.00 - 15.00 INR/Piece

Commonly made of kraft papers, paper lunch boxes have various capacities which can be customized easily. They are generally square-shaped with maximum usage in the food delivery sector.

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Disposable Paper Noodle Box

Price: 7.50 - 11.00 INR/Piece

Made of virgin white and virgin brown paper, they are specifically designed to store noodles and can be customized according to the sizes required. These are specifically used by Chinese fast food restaurants.


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